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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

Psyneh Seduction Intro


At this blog you will find valueable information about seduction on your way becoming a PUA (Pickup-Artist) and besides reading the articles covering the inner & outer game of seduction I recommend you to read History of Seduction & Acronyms of Seduction before you spend your time reading the articles.

Are PUA's manipulators?
No they are men who understand the art of flirting, read opinions by women who gets it & the concept of the seduction society:
Kristin at Grow Some Testicles Blog

Dolly at The Truth About Cocks & Dolls Blog

Some posts are old!
This is my personal blog with my favorite posts..
Feel free to leave the blog if you dont like it.

Not all post are written by you!!
Clever.. if you'll read the beginning of all the post
I'll give credit when its needed.. also you can see which
post that not are written by me in the article section.

Known errors with the blog
- Looks weird in FireFox, but works with IE 6.0+
- Weird characters in some posts..

Link Exchanging?
Yes I do exchange links if I find the information on your site valuable, contact me at: or post a comment and I'll get in touch with you if I feel that you have something to contribute.

Greetings Psyneh

[- This post will be updated from time to time -]


I've just created a new blog about Mystery and the Mystery Method - it will cover all aspects of the MM: including negs, M3 model, social proof, canned material, 3-second rule, false time constraints, etc.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated


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