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Sunday, November 19, 2006 


Tell me why you love my blog so much ;)

Thanks, Psyneh

Well , personally I like your blog since you post the best articles, you seem genuine and you know the best seduction sites and gurus.
I discovered ur blog by accident and I have come to like it.

Coz you preach teh truth

Hi Psyneh!

Just thought I'd let you know that I found your blog by accident, and I love it!!

It's packed with excellent content and you have done a great job to disregard alot of the crappy articles written on the subject of meeting and bedding women.

I do however have one small complaint, I don't know if it's Mozilla Firefox or your blog but it's reeeeal hard to read. The textbox is tiny and it makes reading a bitch.

anyways, thanks for the blog. I'll be sure to visit you regularly!


Thank you guys, I really appreciate your compliments.. I try to feed you with the best articles, although its alot of crap out there!

About the tiny textbox, its a error in Mozilla Firefox, try IE 6.0 or higher and you wont get any problems to read the blog, dont really know how to fix it since im not a webdesigner.. :)

I think you're witty and quite amusing, but....honey, you can't generalize women like this (as much as we should not do it to men), your truths won't apply in all the cases, I'd never go for a guy who implies all the techniques you're mentioning in your blog anyway. Still though, good read when I'm stoned and with my man by my side (still here, even though I don't let him treat me like a well trained coiffured pet hamster).

Thank you! I see what you mean but I do it personally because I want to become better with women in general, not with one specific.. but I do realize that this stuff doesn't apply in ALL cases however its great guidelines that helped me much with women :)

yeah, maybe it did help you with many women, but were they really worth much more than just a shag? I, personally know quite a few techniques how to 'play' guys but, usually, as soon as I notice they do work on them ,I get bored, it's just too predictable for me, and shows that guy is easily fooled and that's not hot at all... hmm... I personally think that the best technique is honesty an guys who use it are the sexiest types, it shows that they have balls, and being true about who you are, your feelings etc, doesn't have to mean that you're a whimp who needs therapy, quite on contrary... I think I could risk a statement that I can see through games men play and it is a turn off for me, as it shows , that, honey, you don't know who you dancing with some times...of course there are always ways and tricks to lure women to bed,we know them too, and som times, when you guys play those games, and think that you 'got us' thank to all those elaborated techniques, we let you believe it, because yeah, it's funny for us to think that you just don't have a clue. Exactly- the typical guy would normally think that he 'got', 'hunted' the girl, whereas it's usually us, but using much more subtle ways, so you can keep on living in the sweet macho illusion that it was you who did the job. yeah right.... anyway, good luck to you. xx

Yes please show me some more bitter-feminist-anger, TAKE IT ALL OUT! So fucking adorable ;)

back to topic.

Your wrote that you "play" guys but when you notice that your techniques work.. you get bored because the guys are to predictable. (I guess your talking about your man again)

Then you tell me that honesty is the sexiest thing ever.

Then you write that I got macho illusions?

Your funny.

Something that is even more funnier is that the guys who posted above you just complimented me with being genuine and preacthing the truth and the fact that if you asked any of the guys who was on my seminar or bootcamps knows that I do advocate honesty :)

After writing what you did above I dont think you handle honesty, other things that also makes me doubt it is that your posting anonymously.

"yeah, maybe it did help you with many women, but were they really worth much more than just a shag?"

so who is now generalizing that I just shagged them?
Its cute that you can't follow your own little rules.. apperently YOU (and no one else) view this as a "game" but if you REALLY read all the posts, you'll know that this is a blog on how to meet women
and how to improve your lifestyle.

Again.. dont judge my writings because you have read about some guys tricking women into bed/tricking you into bed having the need to take it out on someone else.

This isn't anything about tricking women into bed.

and for your answear.. my "illusion" have gotten me;
friends (both female and males),
better realationships, job oppertunities, confidence and more social intelligens.

Now I do know about the saying "arguing on the internet is like trying to win special-olympics.. even if you win, your still a retard" specially if you argue with someone who's stoned..

anyways I hope you enjoy the blog, but if you need to take out your anger go do it somewhere else.

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