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Sunday, January 14, 2007 

Pickup Introduction

After some private coaching with some students & guest speaking at the PUAcademy
Seminar I've decided to announce the second PU-Introduction by me, the first one was 6:th May 2006 which was a success!

I've decided to do something new this time.. Im going to bring my personal wingman Satyre along where we will instruct you with theory and live infield coaching!

This Introduction is for you guys who are NEW in the seduction community and who wants to speed up your learning curve with women.

The PU-Introduction will be held in Gothenburg, and yes you have to speak Swedish.

20/January with 2 seats [no seats left]
26/January with 2 seats [no seats left]

which means you'll get a 2:2 students to instructors-ratio,
since its on short notice it will only cost 1000 SEK!

> Club Fee's, travels, hotel, food & drinks or any other expenses is not included.

Interessted? Send me an Email !

Just some quick advice I want to share...for any of you guys who want to get super confident around women, and know EXACTLY how to approach girls, talk to them, and flirt, the best program I'm come across is Mack Tactics. The way they explain how to approach girls, engage them in cool conversations, and get phone numbers and dates is easy to learn and it seriously works. You can download a free Mack Tactics just book by going to their website: Give it a look, this stuff really helped me take my confidence and lifestyle to a new level.

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